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Q- What age groups are best suited for your birthday party show?

A- This is a great question! Believe it or not I get phone calls from parents of 1-2 year-old children looking for a magician to entertain a roomful of 1-2-year old kids. I don't care how smart or advanced your 2-year old children are they simply are not ready for the complexity of a birthday party magic show. Typically their attention span is very short and I do not recommend my show for this age group. Once kids approach the 3-4 year range they are more capable to enjoy the birthday party show. For this age group I do recommend that the parents accompany the child during the birthday party show and interact with them. This enhances the overall birthday party experience for them and prevents them from losing focus on the show. Once kids get to the 11-12 year range they enter the "Too Cool" stage. At this point they begin to feel more self conscious about being associated with "babyish" birthday party entertainment. It is for this reason that I have a special birthday party show for pre-teens and teens consisting of more sophisticated magical effects. Click here for information on the various types of magic shows offered by the Magical Songwriter. It is for this reason that I have incorporated different birthday party programs for different aged kids.

Q- Do you tailor your show to meet the needs of each individual party?

A- Definitely. After the first few minutes of each birthday party I get a sense of what the kids want. Sometimes it's magic. Sometimes it's music. Most times it's a combination of the 2. This is why it's important to have a variety of different types of entertainment available so that I can tailor my performance to suit any birthday party audience and provide the most appropriate form of birthday party entertainment.

Q- What do you feel is the best "goody bag" give away?

A- Personally I don't reccommend the typical candy birthday party "goody bag". Think about it. First, the kids eat some unhealthy food such as pizza, fried chicken, or hamburgers and hot dogs followed by cake and/or ice cream. Now to top it all off they are being sent home with a bagful of candy. This is why I recommend that you send the child home with something useful such as a craft project, magic trick or a copy of my CD. This is something that they will continue to use over a period of time. I offer my CD at a discounted birthday party rate of $5 each.

Q- What do the younger kids like the most about your show?

A- Definitely the Magic Talking Drawing Board. When I draw a face on an ordinary white wipe-off board and that face moves and talks this "blows kids away". Click here for a live video of the magic talking drawing board. I also think they like the fact that I mix it up with different types of birthday party entertainment. Between the music, magic and ventriloquism there is a lot of variety and kids never get bored. Another thing they love to do is come up and sing my songs using real microphones. They feel like they are a part of the show.

Q- What do you do for the older kids and what do they like best?

A- Most birthday party magicians do not know how to cater to older kids. They appreciate the fact that with my birthday parties they get treated as adults. I do a lot of card tricks and mind reading effects and effects that you definitely do not see at kids birthday parties. I think they appreciate that and I immediately bond with them.

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