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Watch middle school assembly program performances and testimonial videos from past clients


Testimonial from William Rolon Principal C J Hooker Middle School Goshen, NY

Testimonial from Megan Newman Guidance Counselor Bell Oaks Middle School Bellmawr, NJ

Testimonial from Perry Hill Middle School Shelton, Ct.


Testimonial from Michael Duggan, Dean of Students Roy Brown Middle School Bergenfield, NJ

Watch "What's Inside the Bag?" performance from "Respect Magic" school assembly program

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Testimonial from Lew Correalle Principal West Hanover School Harrisburg Pa


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Testimonials from Rosemary Gephardt

Principal and Cliff Burns VP Glen Meadow Middle School Vernon, NJ



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Testimonial from Robert McLaughlin   


              Woodbridge Middle School             

             Woodbridge, NJ   

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Testimonial from Wendy Hastings

Asst. Principal

Londonderry Middle School

Londonderry, New Hampshire

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Testimonial fron Andrea Vladichak


Richard Butler Middle School

Butler, NJ




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Jeff Blum's

Middle/High School

Assembly Programs

Please watch the school assembly program performance and testimonial videos below

Respect Magic:

The Anti-Bullying School Assembly Program

Success Magic:

Difficult Choices Successful Decisions

"Respect Magic"

The Anti-bullying School Assembly Program

Age appropriate for Middle/High School Students

Watch "The Number One Rule for Respecting Others"

Anti-bullying is a serious matter!

Your students desperately need to learn how to respect each other and avoid bullying. Why not handle it in a fun, entertaining way?

Jeff Blum's "Respect Magic" Anti-bullying school assembly program is the perfect way to get important anti-bullying messages through to middle/high school students in a fun and entertaining way.

In this 50-minute assembly program, Jeff Blum engages students with awesome magic and mind reading effects opening the door of communication as he covers crucial anti-bullying messages and strategies that your students need to hear such as:


  • What is bullying?
  • The importance of respecting others
  • How and why people become bullies
  • Techniques for gaining self respect and self confidence
  • Judging others by whats on the "inside" rather than the "outside"
  • How to avoid becoming a victim of bullying
  • What to do when you witness a bullying incident
  • Avoiding cyber bullying

-much more


Your students will remain focused and on the edge of their seats as each of the "Respect Magic" core principles are illustrated with amazing demonstrations of magic and mind reading.

Watch testimonial videos along the left side of this page.

Performance Fees

(1) 50-minute "Success Magic" or "Respect Magic"

school assembly program- $750

(2) Back to back assembly program performances- $1350

Travel fee may apply outside of central New Jersey


Jeff Blum's

"Success Magic"

School Assembly Program

Difficult Choices... Successful Decisions

How will your middle/high school students handle the difficult decisions that lie ahead?

For Middle/High School Students

      Watch You Have "Magic" Inside


If you are looking for a school assembly program that is memorable, educational, fun, and has a lasting life impact on pre-teens and teenagers then this might be the most important program you read about all year. Every one knows how difficult it can be to get positive messages into the minds of pre-teens and teenagers but Jeff Blum's "Success Magic" school assembly program consistently gets the attention of middle and high school students.

     Jeff Blum "opens the door" of communication with amazing magic and mind reading effects. Then while he has their undivided attention it's an easy matter to address crucial topics such as:

  • Handling peer pressure
  • The evils of drugs, alcohol and cigarette smoking
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Anti-bullying
  • Treating others with respect
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • The importance of having a positive attitude
  • Choosing the right friends
  • And much more

      Your students will remain focused and on the edge of their seats as each of the "Success Magic" core principles are illustrated with amazing demonstrations of magic and mind reading.

Watch performance and testimonial videos along the left side of this page.

For further information, articles and insight on Jeff Blum's middle school assembly programs click below to visit Jeff Blum's Blog


Performance Fees

(1) 50-minute "Success Magic" or "Respect Magic"

school assembly program- $750

(2) Back to back performances- $1350

Travel fee applies outside of central New Jersey



Read what people are saying about Jeff Blum's Middle/High School Assembly Programs.

"Jeff Blum's Success Magic Program was superb! His magic had our middle school students in awe. We would love to have him come back every year to entertain our students and share his wise life lessons."
Dina Farewell - Guidance Counselor
Rye Middle School - Rye, NY
"Magnificent! Motivational! Magical! Jeff Blum's "Success Magic" program delivered positive messages via an entertaining, fun, forum that all 400 of my grade 6-8 students enjoyed. Students were talking about it for hours and were grateful for having had the opportunity to experience the performance."
Rob Nikc - Assistant Principal
IS 145 Queens
"The students loved the Success Magic School Assembly Program. Our middle school students were excited and actively involved. I would recommend this program to other schools and for a repeat performance at our school."
Marion Brown - Principal
Alice Costello School Brooklawn, NJ
"Jeff Blum's "Success Magic" school assembly program was an awesome school assembly program! Our students loved it and the messages contained within the program were perfect."
Tom Campbell - Principal
Wilson School - Neptune City NJ
"Jeff Blum presented an awesome school assembly program that was absolutely enjoyed by our 6th 7th and 8th grade students. He delivered many positive messages through extraordinary magical effects. The messages will be remebered for years to come."
Sylvia McInerney - PTA
Belvidere Middle School Belvidere, NJ
The students raved over your program! The messages were exactly what they needed to hear. The teachers and principal had very high praise. Looking forward to bringing you back in the future.”
Susan Lindstrom - Assembly Coordinator
Collingswood, NJ

“I have seen many school assembly performers and Jeff Blum is by far the best I have ever seen.”

Donna Miller - Teacher
Freehold NJ
"Jeff Blum's Success Magic School Assembly Program added the perfect touch to our Catholic Schools Week. Not only were our middle school students mesmerized by his magical talents but the messages presented addressed major issues that the students are already confronting in real life. We're looking forward to having him back in the near future."
Joanna Berry - Teacher
St. Leo's School - Irvington NJ
“The students were completely captivated throughout the entire performance. Your   magic and mind reading is awesome but it doesn't compare with your greatest asset, your ability to connect with the students. We want you back every year!"
Steven Bloom - Teacher
Bayside NY
“I can't tell you how much we enjoyed your program. The students were captivated by your magic and mind reading. It was awesome!   It not only kept their attention but taught them important lessons as well.   We definitely want you back every year!”
Jill Schefkind - Teacher
Manalapan, NJ


Call 732-580-8629 or email Jeff now to discuss
how you can bring his one-of-a-kind middle
school assembly program to your school.

    There is no better way to get the attention of pre-teens and teenagers than to "blow them away" with miraculous, unexplainable magic.  Motivational magician Jeff Blum consistently gets through to teens by combining important positive messages teenagers need to hear with a "mind blowing" magic and mind reading show.

Students have a positive, life changing experience and fun at the same time while learning valuable life lessons on vital topics such as handling peer pressure, the evils of drugs and cigarette smoking, having a positive attitude, getting along with others, setting and achieving goals and treating others with respect.

For more information about middle school assembly programs, contact Jeff Blum today!

Email The Magical Songwriter For School Assemblies programs.
Phone: 732-580-8629

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